Movin’ on up

Want to know the best form of procrastination?  Make a big move of your workspace and shop.  Spend several weeks moving and sorting through all your shit, then go on vacation for two weeks.  Return, get the space set up perfectly.  Then paint.  Move all your furniture to one side.  Paint that side.  Move everything to the other side.  Paint the other side.  (It makes much more sense to paint now then when the space was totally empty, trust me).  Then, make a move into a new space.  Do this all in a 4 month period for maximum un-productivity…

I’ve felt stagnant the last few months.  I was very excited to move into my new space in downtown Syracuse.  After getting it all set up, I just didn’t feel inspired.  The building I’m in is great: There are a ton of other artists, everyone is so encouraging and creative, I was making sales.  I just felt stuck.  I’d mentioned in passing to the landlord that my space was a little larger than I really needed, so when  a smaller space opened up, he let me know about it.

I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work.  It was fully half the size of my current spot, It was dark, oppressive.  It was on the quieter 3rd floor.  The wall color closed the space off even more. I’d most certainly have to paint.  And ugh.  Those walls are TALL…and that paint goes ALL THE WAY UP and even onto the rafters.

studio 2

Skateboard mural?  Yes please!

studio mural


I couldn’t stop thinking about that window.  That beautiful old window set in the original brick.  The building is a former John Deere equipment factory and I just love the thought that 100 years ago, someone looked out those windows towards a totally different view of downtown Syracuse.  A room with a view!  There was something about the space. It was speaking to me.

I showed it to a bunch of people for second, third, fourth…18th…opinions…and the majority consensus?  “It’s too small”,   and  “Didn’t you just paint!?” and “What’s up with that mural?”

Still, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I was concerned that moving would just be another form of procrastinating-that I just needed to be happy with the space I had and stop shopping around for something “better”. However, given that the space was half the size, it was half the rent as well.  …and I had more stuff then I really needed….and that window!

I went on one of my daily pilgrimages to the 3rd floor to try to picture myself in there, and saw this:

studio mid spruce

You mean…I DON’T have to paint??

At which point, I said I’ll take it!

Here’s the new space with a fresh coat of paint.

studio before rug

Looking bigger already…but…what’s up with that rug?  I want to see the beautiful old hardwood floors underneath!

studio before

Or….the Jackson Pollock-esque painted floors.  I actually kinda dug these artsy paint splatters, except that I literally could not clean this floor.  Brooms brushed debris into deep grooves.  Mops snagged and shredded over the larger globs dried paint.  And I love my Miele too much to subject it to the years of filth beneath that rug. What’s a girl to do?   Apply lipstick to a pig!

TA DAAAA!!studio after 2studio after 1

Can’t get away from the slanted floors, but I’m fully moved in to the new space and operational.  And inspired!  I love watching the trains go by, I have a terrific breeze, the light is amazing from 7 am to 7 pm, the 3rd floor neighbors are fantastic, there’s still room for classes and my little shop.  I’m so glad I moved on up.  And now I’m finally settled.  Probably.  You know, unless something better comes along…

But for now, the new home of  Wishlist, featuring elm harris and Commemorative Jewelry is at 501 West Fayette St, Suite 310, Syracuse NY!


7 Comments to “Movin’ on up”

  1. LOVE the blog! I shared it on my facebook.

  2. erin I love it! The right space makes a big difference. I feel the same way after moving my sewing home. It just fits me better and is way less distracting. Id love to see a photo of it all up and running and you working in there!

  3. Kind of like my move to Franklin Square – welcome to the neighborhood!

  4. Reblogged this on Corinne Meharg: Quiltodontist and commented:
    This was erin’s studio and this is her story. However, it’s mine now and there will be a story from me………..eventually.

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